Undoubtedly July 4, 1776 is a day to be celebrated in American History. It is the day that the Declaration of Independence was ratified by the Continental Congress. The amount of courage it took to sign such a document knowing there was no turning back once it was sent out had to immense. However I believe it is passion, perseverance, consistency, and endurance of the men that stayed and fought for their beliefs for over 5 more years against horrible odds and in horrible conditions that tells the story of the American People and the Revolution. I find their example to be truly inspiring.

There were many hardships facing the Army in the weeks, months, and years following The Declaration of Independence. Many had farms that needed attending to. They were paid very little and the pay came late. Most of the army was untrained and undisciplined. After taking Boston they spent a significant amount of time getting beat and retreating. At many times in the war, they were outnumbered and outgunned. They had to not only fight a well trained British Army but also a large force of professional German mercenaries. They were riddled with disease. By late 1777 nearly 1 in 4 died of disease while in encampment. Many others deserted or left for periods to take care of their farms. It got very cold and they lived in canvas tents and were unable to bathe. Rations were tight and at times had very little to eat. On top of all this, the British Army promised no retaliation, and a job in the British Army for anyone wanting to defect from The Continental Army.

With all these negatives stacked up against the Continental Army coupled with a seemingly easy way out, there ability to endure is outstanding. It is great to believe in a cause but to endure for that cause through extreme conditions is the only thing that changes the world and allows you to reach your goals. I believe the men of The Continental Army, that fought through to the surrender of British Forces at Yorktown on October 19, 1781 is a great model for anyone trying to achieve success. No matter how bleak the conditions or how unmotivated, sick, or downtrodden you might be remember the declaration you made or goal you set and remember why you did it.